Second Gift: HPV micro

Harpoon Pole Vault, Whispering Crystal Babies, MC30, 2009 Gift Tapes, GT004

For those of you that might have missed this one (or you don’t have a player), we sent this miniature tape out with one of first releases last Spring – our first micro cassette!  So adorable, so cute.  We like to make our GIFTS available to everyone, so be sure to stay tuned in for our future gift posts!  We should have a couple more in the coming weeks.

Harpoon Pole Vault, whispering crystal babies
Download: GT004 64MB ZIP file, includes 320 kbps MP3s
*We hope you enjoy the distinctive qualities of this low fidelity music recording!

MICRO CASSETTES… The wave of the future.
Inexpensive.  Miniature.  Mono.  Limited Frequency Response.

NEW Gift Tapes – FALL 2009

Gift Tapes - Fall 2009


Freshly returning from the mountain forests of Eastern Oregon…I wanted to put the word out there that the new Gift Tapes releases are out now.  I couldn’t be more happy about this new batch of cassettes from Pulse Emitter, Matt Carlson and The North Sea.  This time around the tapes have been pro-dubbed in editions of 100.  These tapes will go super fast, so be sure to order soon.

* * *

Pulse Emitter - Grass
Pulse Emitter - grass - C30

Fellow NW-based Pulse Emitter, the solo project of modular synth mastermind Daryl Groetsch, has created a beautiful work, half of which is reminiscent of his self-released Meditative Music series, while the other half delves into the weirdo world of sub-earth root structures crawling with insects.  Grass is one of my favorites from his recent discography and Gift Tapes is extremely honored to present one of his works.

Matt Carlson - stereo face
Matt Carlson - stereo face - C40

Matt Carlson‘s recent solo efforts venture into the sounds of early electronics pioneers.  As a member of the minimal noise drone trio Bonus & former member of the Parenthetical Girls, Carlson’s efforts have included pop music, noise, free improv and performance art.  His new work, Stereo Face, is modular synth wizardry all over the stereo field and steeped in science fiction themes that nod at the 1960’s while simultaneously hyper-driving towards the future.

The North Sea - daytona
The North Sea - daytona - C30

Daytona is an epic drone work formed of textured synthesizer and layered electronics.  The North Sea‘s (Brad Rose) high-density sound projects degraded memories that lead to abandoned tunnels and empty into sunset skies.  Both noisy and meditative, this gorgeous piece is the perfect compliment to lone autumn walks.  Definitely another exciting addition to the North Sea catalog.

* * *

Tapes available here: Gift Tapes.

New Tapes from GT Artists

Brother Raven 'Nellie' Digitape

Wanted to give Gift Tapes Blog readers the heads up about two releases from Gift Tapes artists that were released this past week.  Brother Raven has a new tape called Nellie that just came out on Brad Rose’s fine label Digitalis LTD – it’s a C40, limited to 70 copies.  Additionally, there is a new Spare Death Icon tape on OMM called Highlander/Seahorse – also a C40, limited to 45 copies.  Please check with those labels for copies.  We’ll also be getting artist copies soon, so if either of them sell out – check in with us.


New Gift Tapes :: Second Batch Out Today

Gift Tapes of Seattle, WA

I just put our second batch of tapes up for sale here:  All c20 tapes by Brother Raven, Million Mists, & Jeremiah Walker.  Summertime goodness…

Brother Raven, a sound like wailing winter winds is heard :: GT005

Brother Raven, A Sound Like Wailing Winter Winds Is Heard, GT005
Peace pipe in one hand, synthesizer in the other, Brother Raven (Jason E Anderson & Jamie Potter) descends from the heavens, exhaling thick analog fog and wispy digital vapors. A Sound Like Wailing Winter Winds Is Heard is the Seattle synth duo’s second release.  These improvised jams recorded live to tape recall the playful, positive-vibe, electronic music of the late 1970’s.

Jeremiah Walker, early to rise :: GT006

Jeremiah Walker, Early to Rise, GT006
Jeremiah Walker’s debut cassette release Early to Rise is an expansive journey through solar skies.  Lush synthesizers are wound together, forming serene  meditations that seem to draw the listener towards a heightened spiritual awareness.  These minimalist dronescapes open portals to ancient civilizations where mystics guided their followers from dark to light.

Million Mists, spaeship :: GT007

Million MistsSpaeship, GT007
Weaving an inter-galactic tale of otherworldly explorations, Million Mists (Jamie Potter) bends the barriers of reality, unveiling new drone territories via ethereal loops and elusive melodies.  Beaming metallic light formations envelop the hovering sub bass frequencies of Spaeship, as they swirl and morph into a stunning journey through alien landscapes.