Last night Gift Tapes organized a local Seattle show that we were SUPER excited about: Stellar Om Source, Pacific City Nightlife Vision Band, and Brother Raven.  This show is the first of what we hope will become a regular series.

Stellar Om Source

Stellar Om Source was AMAZING – epic and angular stream-of-consciousness visionz; super-lush frequencies that drifted as much as they rumbled.  Performing in total darkness, her sounds seemed enhanced by laser projections that danced across her being, reflecting off golden threads sewn into her shirt.  The combination of sound and visual elements was seamless, elevating her presence into the cloudless atmospheres of deep space.  Total electronic music goddess. As this was maybe the 26th show of her tour, she took the opportunity to depart a bit from some of her new work, making this show even more of a treat!  Definitely the uber-tech HiFi set of the evening…  I love the fact that these two bands are touring together…

Pacific City Nightlife Vision Band

Jamming on ultra-lo-fi ghetto baby keyboards, Spencer Clark’s Pacific City Nightlife Vision Band made some of the craziest crypto-shamanic-islander jams I’ve had the opportunity to experience live; totally hypnotic and ritualistic music.  Spencer Clark is a total TRIP – at some point he walked across the room to grab his secret stealth keyboard, still in original box, total K-mart style; serious “next-level shit”.  His partner on this tour, Dan (of Eat Skull) was top notch accompaniment, striking 3-5 notes repetitively for each of their 20-minute jamz.

Check out the FRESH lineup for the next GT show if you’re in Seattle:

April 2nd @ Josephine
Magneticring (Josh Stevenson) – Vancouver BC
J. Hanson (Josh Hanson) – PDX
Brother Raven (Jamie Potter/Jason E Anderson) – SEA
Matt Carlson – PDX
Mr.WE the shadetree mechanic (DJ) – SEA

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