Synchronicity & positive theme music

Dreamers Cloth - Positive Theme Music
Dreamers Cloth - Positive Theme Music

See Update Below (posted 12/4/2008).

I just got this tape and I’m realizing that I made a mention of it in my last entry. Good stuff. That happened with the Sounds of the Mothership cassette as well. This kind of stuff happens – it’s total synchronicity. Where can you find this tape? I’ll drop an address below. The only reason I was able to get a copy of this is that we are trading – Gift Tapes for Dreamers Cloth’s new release. So I owe him and he’ll be the first to get our new stuff.

When I put this tape on today, it eased the nerves and relaxed the mind. Positive Theme Music indeed. The soothing sounds of synth on tape oozed out of the speaker cones. The positively charged air molecules soothed my throbbing head. I have to say, this guy gets really good tone; it’s somewhat lo-fi, but the frequencies that do come through have this quality that emulates the old records your grandparents used to play. You wouldn’t know that this music is from this time, and that is true with all the other Dreamers Cloth releases I’ve heard.

What makes this release stand out from the others are the transitions from track to track. They are pronounced by the start/stop of the playback head of the recorder he’s working with. And this is by no means a distraction, as the tracks build up this cohesive entity, a collection of otherworldly drones and melodies. And this entity distinguishes itself as one that hypnotizes us into entering portals to other dimensions. You’ll be sucked back into your body, but left with the promise of possible reentry (flip the tape).

This tape promises many future travels to a cozy land of island sunshine. Happy time music on an old stereo, relaxing on the beach in the warm ocean breeze. Transformational and teleportational, my friends… you want this tape. You can attempt to get one from Stenze Quo (if you can decipher the text in this image). This is an image of a small card that accompanied the cassette:

Order the Dreamers Cloth from Stenze Quo


Via Relax with Nature site: “get in touch with johann if you want to get hold of this at

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